Parakeet Care Sheet


About Parakeets Parakeets (budgies) are tiny and beautiful members of the parrot family, originally found in the dry grasslands of Australia. These cheerful companions are capable of living a long and healthy life if given the kind of care they deserve and need. Parakeet Max Size: 7 Inches Lon Parakeet Life Span: 8-10 Years Habitat…

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Fall Lawn & Landscape Checklist

Like it or not, summer is a blip on our seasonal schedule and before we know it fall is in full force once again. Leaves are changing, days are shortening, and nights have a bit more chill. Now is a great time to overseed your lawn, tidy up the landscape in preparation for the winter,…

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7 Reasons to Plant in the Fall

Fall Garden

The kids are back in school and the long dog days of summer have ended – you might think the gardening season has also come to a close. You’ll be surprised to discover that things aren’t slowing down here at Alsip Home & Nursery. Just as the summer season begins to change into crisper weather,…

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Herb Gardening

Fresh herbs and microgreens are a valuable commodity in any chef’s kitchen! And they can be expensive if not homegrown. That’s why home herb gardening is growing in popularity, as the demand for fresh ingredients and bold flavors has skyrocketed the past few years! Although we carry a selection of herb plants year-round, our best…

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Jones Armadillo Lizard Care

Armadillo Girdled Lizard

About Armadillo Jones Lizards Subtropical lizard often found in South America. They are docile and tolerate handling, the more you handle them the better. This is best with warm hands. They are a social lizard so having one male with more than one female is often done. They bear live young, an unusual trait in…

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Seed Starting & Indoor Growing

WHAT? • WHERE? • WHEN? • HOW? Does this sound how you feel about seed starting? It doesn’t have to be by following a few easy guidelines to make you feel brave enough to try it on your own! Shop Indoor Growing supplies online! >>> Need for Seeds Alsip Nursery offers a wide variety of seeds and accessories…

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Create An Indoor Environment

Here is the recipe to fully planting your indoor environment: One 8” or 10” (container size) Plant per 100 square feet One Small 4” or 6” (container size) plant in your personal breathing zone (6-8 cubic feet), for example, on your desk or night stand 15-20 plants for 1500 sq. feet To successfully grow house…

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Wild Bird Habitat Maintenance

Bird feeder maintenance

Shop Bird Seed and Feeders online! >>> Here is some information prepared by the National Audubon Science – Audubon At Home staff. Feeder/Birdbath Maintenance Cleaning birdfeeders and birdbaths is a crucial practice in preventing the spread of disease between birds. Recently, scientists noted that the spread of Trichomonad protozoan parasites, which cause a disease termed…

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How to Plant Roses

planting roses in the garden

  Step 1:  After you’ve shopped Alsip Home & Nursery’s huge selection of roses, including the KnockOut series, you’ll want to dig the almighty hole- 20″ deep. Remove big chunks of clay and save 1/3 chopped.   Step 2:  Start to fill the hole with soil recipe: 1/3 Cotton Burr Compost 1/3 Alsip Premium Potting…

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Simplified Seed Starting

When questioned about seed starting, you may ask; “Why on earth would I start my  garden from seed myself?!” and  “Shouldn’t I just get starter plants in the spring and summer like everyone else?” or “Well that just sounds like way too much work. Who has time for that?!” These are all great questions, and some of you…

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