Visit Alsip Home & Nursery's Bulk Yard to find Mulch, Soil & Sand sold by the cubic yards and cubic foot bags. Additionally, Alsip Home & Nursery offers Weighed Stone both sold by the ton and by individual weight. Below are charts to assist you in configuring how much material you may need for your projects.

Soil & Mulch by the Cubic Yard

Need to know how much a cubic yard of mulch or soil will cover? Try this.

One Cubic Yard Cover in Square Feet Depth in Inches
300 sq.ft.1"
150 sq.ft.2"
100 sq.ft.3"
75 sq. ft.4"
50 sq. ft.6"
25 sq.ft.12"

Cubic Yards to Cubic Foot (Bags)

Unsure whether you'll need bags or yards of mulch of soil? Try this.

Cubic Yards 1 cu.ft. Bag 2 cu.ft. Bag 3 cu.ft. Bag 4 cu.ft. Bag

Stone by the Ton

How much stone will you need to cover a square foot area? Try this.

One Ton of Stone Cover in Square Feet Depth in Inches
240 sq.ft.1"
120 sq.ft.2"
80 sq.ft.3"
75 sq.ft.3.2"
60 sq. ft.4"
50 sq.ft.4.8"
40 sq.ft.6"
20 sq.ft.12"
Based on stone up to 1½

Specialty Stone

Looking to try something different? Try this.

Stone Type Square Feet Depth/Measurement
Lava Rock1803"
Flagstone125 sq ft.1½"
2-4"65 sq. ft.Per Ton
5-12"45 sq. ft.Per Ton
4" Strip Stone65 sq. ft.Per Ton
8" Wall Stone20 sq.ft.Per Ton
All measurements shown above are approximate.