How to Plant Roses

pink roses in the garden


DigStep 1:  After you’ve shopped Alsip Home & Nursery’s huge selection of roses, including the KnockOut series, you’ll want to dig the almighty hole- 20″ deep. Remove big chunks of clay and save 1/3 chopped.


FillStep 2:  Start to fill the hole with soil recipe:

  • 1/3 Cotton Burr Compost
  • 1/3 Alsip Premium Potting Soil
  • 1/3 Saved “Native” Soil

Determine Height & PlaceStep 3:  Determine height and place the rose approximately 36″ to 42″ on center.



Fill & WaterStep 4:  Fill with soil recipe half-way and water enough to “pool” water. Walk away for a half hour.



FertilizeStep 5:  Use a starter fertilizer around the plant and re-fill to ground level with soil recipe. Use a root stimulator to prevent transplant shock and mulch around the entire area.


WaterStep 6:  Water and flood every 5th day and fertilizer monthly.



Beautiful Knock Out RosesStep 7: Viola! You now have beautiful roses to thrive in your garden! Don’t forget to stop and smell them every once in a while!