Armadillo Jones Lizard Care

Armadillo Jones Lizard Care Sheet About
Subtropical lizard often found in South America. They are docile and tolerate handling, the more you handle them the better. This is best with warm hands. They are a social lizard so having one male with more than one female is often done. They bear live young, an unusual trait in reptiles.
Sleep Pattern Diurnal
Max Size 4-6 ½  Inches
Life Span 8-12 Years

A 10 gallon tank works well, if you have more than one, a 20 gallon is then preferred. Moderate humidity, especially during a shed they may need a bit more. A nice hideout is good for them and as well as plenty of climbing branches and artificial plants.

  • SUBSTRATE: Shredded bark or reptile liner
  • TEMPERATURE: 75-85˚F during the day, 70-78˚F at night and basking 90˚F
Diet Specialized pellet diets are highly recommended and should consist of 60-70% of the diet. Use fortified seeds in moderation as they are higher in fat and less nutritious than pellets. Offer fresh fruits and vegetables.
Toxins Avocados, mushrooms, chocolate, alcohol and caffeine. Also, fumes from Teflon cookware.
Water Strictly insects. Avoid mealworms. They love younger, medium crickets, the occasional bee moth larvae is a nice treat. Adults may enjoy pinkie mice. Gut load and dust crickets with calcium powder to attain proper nutrition.

  • WATER: Shallow water dish changed daily. Sometimes they do enjoy soaking.
Special Notes

These are one of the easiest beginner lizards for people to start off with.

*As with any pet, it is important that you find a veterinarian that practices in the certified care for your animal. This guide is general in nature and should not be used to diagnose your pet.