Planting Service

Gardener Planting Garden Plants. Landscaper with Plant.

Let Us Plant!

Feel like something’s missing your from your landscape, but done with getting your hands dirty? Let us Plant! Alsip Home & Nursery offers full service planting – complete with Amendments, Planting Soil, and Root Stimulator.  For half the original retail price of the plant – our experts will dig and place even the most established ball and burlap trees we have available.

Guidelines for Planting Service

  • If a tree or shrub is being planted in a backyard, the entrance gate must be at least 48″ wide.
  • The planting cannot be done where an existing tree was removed unless all root systems are removed at least 36″ deep.
  • Ground must be clear of root systems prior to installation. No existing trees or shrubs will be removed in order to install new trees.
  • Homeowner is responsible for having area marked to all utilities and irrigation.
  • Homeowner need not be present, must mark planting location with provided stake.

Schedule Your Planting Service!

Let our staff know that you’re interested in having your trees and shrubs planted by our Green Team! It is best to schedule your planting service at the time of purchase of your plants.

The planting service provided by Alsip Home & Nursery guarantees your trees and shrubs for one full year*. Read our Plant Guarantee for additional information