Charities of the Month

Alsip Home & Nursery Register Round Ups Give a Little Help a Lot

Alsip Home & Nursery spotlights local non-profits and charity organizations by gathering round-up donations at our registers each month. Check back often to learn about local charities in the Northwest Indiana and greater Chicagoland area's that Alsip Home & Nursery is teaming up to help!

March Charities of the Month

St. John

1st-17th: Northwest Indiana Cancer Kids (N.I.C.K.) is a 501c3 charity that was founded by a childhood cancer family who live right here in the area. Their organization was started based on their personal journey with childhood cancer. Learn More

18th-31st: Hannah's Hope, a Northwest Indiana non-profit, provides developmental equipment to kids with special needs and connects families by making life and communities more accessible. Hannah's Hope is a charity started in honor of Hannah Martinez. Hannah was born with severe brain damage caused by a possible prenatal stroke. With this, Hannah faced many challenges and was severely developmentally delayed. Hannah's family and close friends were inspired by her sweet smile, bright blue eyes, and incredible strength. With that said, Hannah's Hope was born. Sweet Hannah passed away on July 30, 2012. Although Hannah's life would seem too short to many, those who were touched by her understand that the quality of her existence far exceeded the quantity of time she lived. Hannah has inspired a community of friends, family, and even strangers to help other children in ways we could have never dreamed. Hannah's Hope will continue her legacy and we know that Hannah will live on forever in our memories, and in our hearts. Learn More


1st-17th: Project Fire Buddies is an organization based in Oak Forest of firefighters who offer support & give back to children fighting critical illnesses. They bring joy to children through toy drives, visit with their fire buddies at home, play games, read books, bring gifts for special occasions, and show the kids just how special they are!  Learn More

18th-31st: Ibukun Comprehensive Community Services (ICCS) is a licensed Illinois not-for-profit (501) C 3 Child Welfare Agency with an 14-year history of community-based behavioral healthcare experience. Its services range from prevention through education and other therapeutic services for youth victims of child abuse and neglect and their families. Ibukun believes that people can achieve and maintain strong psychological growth, develop pro-social values necessary for sustaining positive relationships that foster meaningful and mutually beneficial human co-existence. IBUKUN Comprehensive Community Services recognizes that caring for children demands an inter-disciplinary effort. IBUKUN encourages a collaborative effort between its professional staff (social workers, therapists, psychologists, and psychiatrists), professionals outside the agency (teachers, nurses, pediatricians, judicial personnel, law enforcement, and state agencies), the child and his/her parents; to provide accurate information necessary for treatment.  Learn More


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