Parakeet Care Sheet


About Parakeets Parakeets (budgies) are tiny and beautiful members of the parrot family, originally found in the dry grasslands of Australia. These cheerful companions are capable of living a long…

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Cockatiel Care Sheet


About Cockatiels Cockatiels are among the most popular pet birds. Small parrots with a variety of color patterns and a crest, they are attractive as well as friendly and easy…

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Betta Fish Care Sheet

About Betta Fish Betta fish, also known as siamese fighting fish are surface breeders that are most comfortable to live in small pockets of water. With their vibrant colors and…

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Bearded Dragon Care Sheet

Bearded Dragon

About Bearded Dragons Bearded Dragons make a wonderful pet for both beginners and advanced reptile keepers. Sleep Pattern: Diurnal Max Size: 12-18 Inches, half of which is tail. Life Span:…

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Ball Python Care Sheet

Ball Python Snake

About Ball Pythons Named because of the way they coil up into a tight ball when they feel threatened. Fairly docile and easily handled, they can become stressed so make…

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Summer Safety

01How To Prevent Dehydration02Stay Cool While Having Fun03Tip Top Health04Flea & Tick Prevention Summer has finally arrived in Chicagoland and we can’t wait to indulge in some fun in the…

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Flea and Tick Treatments

Dog in flower field scratching his ear.

The days are just barely getting longer and the weather a little warmer- SPRING IS ON ITS WAY! As we begin to daydream about spending more time outside, it’s important…

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