Landscape Design

Have you always wanted an incredible outdoor space like you see in the gardening magazines, but not sure where to start? Let us help you! Take the first step today and contact our talented designers, and you'll soon be on your way towards a beautiful new landscape! Alsip Home & Nursery's Landscape Designers offer professional customized landscape design and installation. We feature licensed and insured Landscaping Professionals that offer Quality, Integrity, and Reliability in all that they do!

Landscape Design by Alsip Home & Nursery

Choose Alsip for Your Next Landscape Design Project

Revamping a landscape for your home can be the most important process for the exterior future of any residence. Proper planning, placement, and selection are essential attributes for a successful design. The Landscape Design team at Alsip Home & Nursery takes great pride in the knowledge of both plant material and the use of hard goods (Unilock® pavers, retention walls, etc.) With our help, any homeowner can feel confident that they will receive a functional and aesthetically appealing landscape design.

Customize Your Design Package - Prices Vary

Let us make every corner of your landscape perfect! Simply request a consultation letting us know which areas  or your property (Front Yard, Backyard, Side Yard(s), Patio, etc) you'd like to have us dream up with you! We'll ask that you include some of your preferences and added details about the space.

Packages May Include:

  • One on One In-Store Consultation
  • Bird's Eye Plan View
  • 3D Renderings of the Property
  • Cost Estimate of Materials Represented in Your Design

Things to Consider Prior to Your Design Consultation

Start From the Ground Up

Decide whether you would prefer decorative stone, hardwood mulch, or colored mulch as the ground cover media.

Selecting Plant Material

Research plants that you would like to have incorporated into your design. The same goes for knowing which plants you find undesirable. Use the Plant Finder tool or other brand websites for your search.

Understanding Hardscapes

Familiarize yourself with hardscaping materials and styles.  Unilock and Techo-Bloc have beautiful examples to inspire you for your own project. You can even look at finished projects in your surrounding neighborhoods to help determine your own ideas, wants and needs.

Why 3D Landscape Design Trumps Traditional Drawings

Traditional drawings of landscape designs in the past typically illustrated an aerial and sometimes obscure view of the homeowner’s property with abstract forms to define plant selection. Many designers and landscapers alike discovered a disconnect between these drawings and final product when it came to the expectations of the client.

The introduction of 3D landscape design has since surpassed the quality of flat drawings by broadening the visual scope. Not only can designers showcase their work with incredible foliage and flower detail, but can create it within a setting that replicates the owner’s home and landscape to near perfect scale. The ability to do this thus helps our clients to fully visualize what is to come.

Additionally, homeowners can even review seasonal previews to illustrate bloom cycles year round and watch a video “fly through” tour of their landscape. How cool is that?!

Ready to get started?