Plant Guarantee

Plant Guarantee Guidelines:

Alsip Home & Nursery stands behind all of the plant material sold in our stores. Please review the following guidelines of our guarantee as it applies to A-Plus Premier Loyalty Program Members vs. Non-Members.

A-Plus Members receive an extended guarantee - see store for details.

Annual Plants

Any annual plant material listed for Hardiness Zones 6 or higher to include Flowering Annuals, Blooming Tropical Plants, Houseplants, Sod, and Flowering Seasonal Plants: (Easter Lilies, Poinsettias, Garden Mums & Asters, etc.) All Annuals must be in resell-able condition,
as approved by a Manager on Duty.

  • A-Plus Members: May Return within 7 Days
  • Non-Members: May Return within 24 Hours

Trees & Shrubs

The guarantee applies to all tree and shrub plant items that have a Zone Hardiness of 1-5. Alsip Nursery locations are located in Zone 5.

  • A-Plus Members: 2 Years - 100% Back
  • Non Members: 1 Year - 50% Back

Perennials & Roses

The guarantee applies to all perennials and rose items that have a Zone Hardiness of 1-5. Alsip Nursery locations are located in Zone 5.

  • A-Plus Members: 1 Year - 100% Back
  • Non Member: Until October 31st of Current Year - 50% Back

Proof of Purchase

 A receipt must be presented, as well as proof of the deceased plant, such as photo documentation or the plant itself. A replacement or store credit will not issued without the proper proof of purchase.

Purchased Up to 25% Off

The guarantee applies to applicable plants purchased up to a 25% discount off of their regular retail price. There is no guarantee for plants purchased over a 25% discount.

One Time Credit

The Guarantee will be honored one time in the form of Alsip Home & Nursery Green Goods Card (redeemable on plant materials only) and will not be returned in the original form of payment.

A-Plus Members: 100% Back
Non Members: 50% Back

What the Guarantee Does Not Cover

Associated Costs

Our Plant Guarantee does not cover costs associated from the original plant transaction.

  • Delivery Fees
  • Garden Solutions for When Planting or Troubleshooting
  • Previously Replaced and Guaranteed Plants


Plants damaged or destroyed by neglect such as improper watering, pruning or planting techniques. This is determined at the discretion of the Nursery Manager.

Acts of Nature

Acts of nature such as ice storms, lightning, high winds, or physical damage from people or animals.

Under Performance

If a plant is not blooming properly or growing to meet your expectations, there are often steps that can be taken to remedy the issue, which we are eager to assist with.

Obtaining Your Guarantee

If Planted by You

The Guarantee is honored in the form of a one-time, 50% Green Goods Card store credit toward plant material purchased in-store. Receipt must be presented, as well as proof of deceased plant such as photo documentation or the plant itself.

If Planted Through Alsip

Guarantee is honored in the form of a one-time credit toward the plant material and the planting costs. Re-plantings will need to purchased and rescheduled through the Frankfort Nursery Department, or through on of our Recommended Landscapers. Delivery charges are not included should a re-planting need to be performed. A delivery charge will apply should newly planted material shift due to high winds or other causes to have us readjust the material.

If Planted by Landscaper

The customer must have purchased the plants personally, and not through a  discounted landscaper account in order to be considered for qualifying plant guarantees. Plants purchased through any contractor accounts do not qualify for the plant return guarantee.

If Purchased Online

Alsip Home & Nursery does not warrant or guarantee the life of shipped live plants, due to a variety of possible factors (watering, weather, etc.)

We can only guarantee that they arrived in good condition.
If your plant arrives in poor transit condition, please follow our Plant Shipping instructions.

What To Do If Your Plant Is Not Acting As It Should

We Want Your New Plant to Thrive!

Do not immediately dig the plant up. We want your plant to not just survive, but thrive in its new home. Contact the Alsip location at which the plant(s) were purchased and speak to a nursery associate or manager about possible solutions. In some cases, certain plants can go through of period of transplant shock when going into their new soil and most likely will recover if the proper steps are taken in order to remedy the problem.

For The Best Success - We Recommend

Plant Holding Procedures

Payment Upfront

Alsip Home & Nursery is willing to hold plants for a limited time, when paid in full, for customers who cannot take them off of our premises. Due to the labor and continual care of the plants in our nursery, we have created the following conditions and timeline requirements.

Payment in full is required to tag/hold onto nursery stock.
A full store credit reimbursement is allowed within 2 weeks.

After Two Weeks

If the Plant(s) are Unwanted by Purchaser:

50% Value Toward an Alsip Nursery Green Goods Card

   Also after the 2 week hold period has expired Alsip has the right to sell said items to another buyer if immediately removed from the property.  In such occurrence, Alsip will issue the holder a 50% Green Goods Card Reimbursement.

If The Plants Remain After 2 Weeks:
The purchaser may take the plant at no consequence.

After 4 Weeks

After 4 weeks or later if the plant(s) remain, the purchaser may take the plant at no consequence.

If the plant is no longer present at the time of pick-up or the purchaser decides they no longer want the items, a
25% Reimbursement on an Alsip Nursery Green Goods Card
may be awarded. No other forms of reimbursement may be allowed.