Simplified Seed Starting

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When questioned about seed starting, you may ask;

“Why on earth would I start my  garden from seed myself?!” and  “Shouldn’t I just get starter plants in the spring and summer like everyone else?” or “Well that just sounds like way too much work. Who has time for that?!”

These are all great questions, and some of you still may not be able to overcome them and get to the point of starting your garden from seed. Here are some of the main reasons why we suggest it:

Get an early jump on the season!

Rather than waiting until May or even June to transplant starter plants, without a lot of effort, cost or space you can sow your own seedlings indoor. You can start them in April, March, or even as early as February depending on the type of vegetable/plant and what climate you are in.

Not just start, but GROW indoors. Year round.

Herbs can easily be grown indoors along with many lettuce, kale, spinach, and other leafy greens. A sunny window, inexpensive grow light, or even a re-purposed florescent light can provide enough light to grow these simple plants.

Starting from seeds gives you freedom of varieties

We can only grow so many different varieties for starter plants, and we often stick to the most popular varieties. We do like to provide our customers with as many heirloom and unique varieties as possible. With choosing your own seeds, the possibilities are nearly endless. We carry seeds from many of the best providers including Burpee, Botanical Interest, and Seed Savers Exchange.

YOU control exactly what you eat.

Starting from seed allows you go 100% organic from start to finish. Many of ours and other seed suppliers either are completely organic, or carry a line of organic seeds. Starting your own seeds also allows you to choose to use organic growing material, fertilizer, and organic pest and disease control.  You are only as healthy as the food you eat.

For someone completely new to gardening, maybe you should stick to starter plants for this year, but for the seasoned gardener, why not try starting from seed this year!

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