Fall Seasonal Plants

Find Fall Seasonal Plants at Alsip Home & Nursery


Mums – Chrysanthemum

Garden Mums are great for outdoors in the landscaping or in containers. We grow our own Garden Mums in a few different sizes. These plants love the cooler weather and will bloom until frost. Dead heading these plants is very important so the buds underneath can be seen and allowed enough sunlight to bloom. Garden Mums will only return if they reseed themselves, but this is not guaranteed of our mums as they are bred more for gorgeous single season blooms.

Florist Mum

Florist Mum

Florist Mums are a bright flowering plants that are great for a splash of color indoors in the gloomy months. They come in cushion and daisy flowers. If purchased in the right stage these plants will bloom for a month to two months. They appreciate cooler rooms and not in the direct sunlight or they tend to melt. We carry them in 4.5” & 6” pots.



Asters are another plant we proudly grow ourselves and is also a perennial when planted in the ground. Asters also work well in the landscaping or in the fall planters. These typically come in pink, white and purple. This is another plant that will bloom until frost depending on the weather. The warmer it is outside the faster they bloom, there are many things that affect the bloom time but if all works out they can bloom until frost

Cabbage and Kale

Cabbage & Kale

Cabbage & Kale are a leafy non-blooming ornamental plants. They are typically used in planters to add a touch of color. Some have white tips on the leaves and others have purple coloring. The cooler the weather, the more color the plants have. Cabbage & Kale is another plant Alsip proudly grows in quart and gallon pots.

Ornamental Peppers

Ornamental Peppers

Easy to care for, Ornamental Peppers can really spice up your fall arrangements, pun intended. The fruits offer bold color including red, orange, yellow, and purple peppers. Ornamental peppers are safe if consumed, but are intended more for their added beauty in the garden rather than an edible nature. Most people find ornamental peppers to be too spicy to enjoy anyway, therefore we suggest you stick to typical culinary peppers for eating.

Cold Hardy Pansy


Pansies are a cool loving plant and work well in borders or in planters. If the weather gets too hot these tend to stop blooming but once it cools off again they will start right back up. These are one of the first plants to pop up in spring and one of the last to bloom in the fall. We grow single colored pansies as well as the ones with “faces”. If planted in the ground in the fall time they will typically come back in the spring and then need to be replanted again in the fall, but this is not guaranteed.

Fall Planter

Fall Planters & Arrangements

Dress up your tired summer containers with beautiful fall arrangements created by Alsip Nursery’s talented container experts! Alsip Nursery’s Custom Container Potting Service is available year round. Simply choose your pot and the plants you wish to feature on your porch or patio. We can even help you brighten your home indoors with fall color by making custom live arrangements for  locations that receive sufficient sunlight!

Fall Accents

Fall Accents

Alsip Nursery carries a vast variety of locally grown pumpkins and gourds in many sizes and colors, great for decorating during the colorful fall months. As well as many other fall favorites including Indian corn, haybales and more! Make Alsip Nursery your family’s one stop shop for pumpkin carving and cornucopia decorating!

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