Charities of the Month

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Alsip Home & Nursery spotlights local non-profits and charity organizations by gathering donations at our registers each month. Check back often to learn about local charities in the Northwest Indiana and Chicagoland area's that Alsip Home & Nursery is teaming up to help.

Cache Creek Animal Rescue

This January our Frankfort, IL location is rounding up donations for Cache Creek Animal Rescue – soon to be moving into our St. John, IN Alsip store. Cache Creek’s mission is to rescue and adopt out as many dogs and cats as safely possible, regardless of their age, health (we still rescue if there are health issues) or breed. In an effort to help control the increasing pet population it is our policy that each animal we adopt out is spayed or neutered.


Buns Care Charity

This January our St. John, IN location is rounding up donations for the Buns Care Charity, operating out of Schererville, IN.

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Each spring the Buns Care Charity awards modest college scholarships to one or two local graduating seniors. These are motivated, high-acheivers who otherwise do not qualify for assistance. The Sisterhood Chapter of the Buns Care Charity provides a free PreK-at-Home program for families unable to afford traditional preschool. Once a year, just after Thanksgiving the the Charity enlists the help of Northwest Indiana businesses and citizens to get hundreds of pairs of new shoes on the feet of some of our less fortunate children.

How Alsip Home & Nursery Gives Back

Alsip Home & Nursery proudly offers fundraising opportunities to local groups and organizations through gift card fundraisers. These groups can earn 10-30% to help fund their back on all gift cards sold. Through these partnerships, Alsip Home & Nursery has helped schools, sports teams, garden clubs, churches, and local groups reach their goals.

To learn more about Alsip Home & Nursery Fundraising Opportunities - click here.