Find a breathtaking variety of wonderful evergreen and deciduous trees and shrubs in our famous Nursery department. We have acres of all of the most popular varieties of flowering, shade, and ornamental trees and shrubs. We also stock a vast array of fruit trees and evergreens in many sizes beginning in late March.

Shade Trees

A shade tree is usually a large growing deciduous tree that reaches 60’ or taller. Shade trees have lots of great uses including cooling down an area underneath, eye appeal and scale for a home landscape or even a great climbing or fort building apparatus for children.Some popular varieties include: Birch, Maple, Honeylocust, Magnolia, Linden, Dogwood, Oak, Pear, Elm, Sweetgum and Willow

Ornamental Trees

Ornamental trees are usually categorized by an extra feature or benefit than the typical shade tree, which is usually flowers. It can also mean great fall foliage or both foliage and flowers.Some popular varieties include: Crabapple, Lilac, Cherry, Dogwood, Hornbeam*, Hydrangea Tree, Japanese Maple, Hawthorn*, Redbud*, Rose of Sharon Tree, Serviceberry and Plum* Drought Tolerant

Evergreen Trees

Evergreen trees will not lose their needles in the winter and will retain their green or blue coloring. These work well as windbreaks, privacy, and screening.Some popular varieties include: Spruce, Pine, Fir, Arborvitae, Juniper and False Cypress

Fruit Trees

Fruit trees are any variety that bears fruit that is consumed or used by people. Any tree that flowers also produces fruit. The phrase ‘fruit tree’ in a horticultural sense only includes trees that provide fruit for human consumption.Some popular varieties include: Apple, Plum, Cherry, Pear and Peach. Alsip Home & Nursery carries a wonderful selection of both Apple and Plum trees.

Fresh Cut Trees

Alsip Home & Nursery has the FRESHEST Fresh Cut Christmas trees, wreaths, roping and garland, because be buy from only the best, most reputable growers in the region and as an unsurpassed reputation for the quality and selection of our fresh cut Christmas trees, fresh wreaths, roping and garland. We feature only the finest Fraser Fir, Scotch Pine, Balsam, White Pine, and more.

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