Bearded Dragon Care Sheet

Bearded Dragon

About Bearded Dragons Bearded Dragons make a wonderful pet for both beginners and advanced reptile keepers. Sleep Pattern: Diurnal Max Size: 12-18 Inches, half of which is tail. Life Span: 3-10 Years with proper care. Habitat Requirements for a Bearded Dragon The adult should live in at least a 40-65 gallon breeder tank. One side…

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Ball Python Care Sheet

Ball Python Snake

About Ball Pythons Named because of the way they coil up into a tight ball when they feel threatened. Fairly docile and easily handled, they can become stressed so make sure they have a safe haven to hide. Sleep Pattern: Nocturnal Max Size: 3-5 Feet, 1 foot per year for the first 3 years. Life…

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Jones Armadillo Lizard Care

Armadillo Girdled Lizard

About Armadillo Jones Lizards Subtropical lizard often found in South America. They are docile and tolerate handling, the more you handle them the better. This is best with warm hands. They are a social lizard so having one male with more than one female is often done. They bear live young, an unusual trait in…

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Green Basilisk Care

About Often referred to as the Jesus lizard for their ability to “walk on water.” The Green Basilisk requires handling to remain complacent about it. They are not well known as the hands on type of pet. They are fascinating to watch. Sleep Pattern Diurnal Max Size 2-2 ½ Feet Life Span 10-15 Years Habitat…

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