Spring Pop: Caring for Spring-Flowering Bulbs

mother and daughter planting spring bulbs alsip nurseries

If you’re looking forward to a spring full of pops of color, then it might be time to brush up on your spring bulb care! Taking good care of your spring-blooming bulbs will reward you with beautiful blooms for Easter and beyond.

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Master the Art of Irrigation & Drought-Tolerant Plants

irrigation drought tolerant plants rudbeckia st john

01Irrigation Techniques and Tips02Automatic Irrigation Systems03Gardening and Irrigation with Drought-Tolerant Plants04The Best Drought-Tolerant Plants If getting out in the garden daily and watering plants by hand doesn’t exactly jive with your schedule, there’s a solution that won’t use up all your spare time: gardening with irrigation systems and drought-tolerant plants. By installing an automatic irrigation…

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Your Guide to Ornamental Grasses

01Ornamental Grasses: Planting and Care Guide02Ornamental Grasses and Landscape Design03Native Ornamental Grasses04Exotic Ornamental Grasses for the Landscape Ornamental grasses can add so much visual interest to a landscape, without being too showy and competing with your flowers. We particularly love tall grasses that flutter in the wind, adding some movement and a little drama to…

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