Seasonal & Holiday Plants

Find Seasonal Holiday Plants at Alsip Home & Nursery

Alsip Home & Nursery carries beautiful everyday seasonal plants, Easter Lilies in the spring, a wide variety of colorful Mums in the fall and festive Poinsettias and Christmas cacti for the holidays and everything in between.

Once the mum season slows down and the weather cools off we carry a large variety of blooming seasonal plants to add color to the house. These plants can be enjoyed year after year and typically have a long bloom time. Most of the seasonal plants require bright indirect light with adequate water when in flower. Fertilizing should be done once a month to help lengthen the bloom time as well as dead heading to promote new growth. We also recommend just placing the plant in a nicer plant instead of re-potting so the plants do not stress and drop flower. We are very selective in the greenhouses we buy from in Canada and only buy from top of the line.

Find Spring Seasonal Plants at Alsip Home & NurserySpring

Closer to the spring time Alsip Home & Nursery offers an assortment of bulbs for blooming indoors. Nothing else hints to the changing season and warmer weather quiet like the colorfully busting blooms of spring bulbs. Choose Alsip Home & Nursery as your source for everday Spring plants as well as every year favorites for Easter and St. Patrick’s Day!

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Find Fall Seasonal Plants and Accents at Alsip Home & NurseryFall

The rustling of the changing leaves always lets us know that Autumn is on it’s way. Let the crisping air lead your to Alsip Home & Nursery to deck out your porches or patios with beautiful fall colors. Here you’ll find our greenhouses fulll of monsterous sized mums, beautiful asters, vibrant swiss chard, cabbage and kale. Accent your displays with Indian corn, gourds, pumpkins, hay bales and more!

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Find Winter Seasonal Plants and Freshcut at Alsip Home & NurseryWinter

Alsip Home & Nursery provides you with bursting colors year round! Whether it be our festive poinsettias or elegant amaryllis we’ve got you covered for the gloomy winter months! ‘Tis the season to browse our selection of famous holiday “porch-pots” and and fresh cut greens!

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