Plant Bulbs in the Fall for Bursting Spring Blooms!

Fall weather is upon us and while changing autumn leaves and pumpkin spice lattes dance in our heads – now is an excellent time to consider planting bulbs now in order to have gorgeous blooms come spring.

Time to plant your spring blooming bulbs like tulpid, daffodils, alliums, crosus, hyacinth and more!

Planting Spring Blooming Bulbs is Simple & Rewarding!

Bulbs make for simple and efficient planting for spring color, but busy schedules may get in the way of next year’s beautiful payoff. Too often we see customers coming into our garden centers in March wanting the same massive array of bright tulips, fragrant hyacinth, and sunny daffodils that they’ve spotted in a neighbors yard. And while we do offer those selection in potted varieties, we have to break the news that they should have planned ahead and planted bulbs the previous fall.

Tips for Spring Blooming, Fall Planted Bulbs depth placement.

However this year will be different! This year you’ll know to mark your calendar. We recommend that when it’s time to fall back the clock for daylight savings, it also marks when to get your bulbs in the ground. Generally speaking, your spring blooming bulbs should be planted in the fall, about 6 weeks prior to the first hard frost.

Planting Bulbs Does Double Duty for Your Garden!

Plant mums and pansies over bulbs for fall color that transforms into bright spring blooms!

Make your garden efforts do double duty by planting your spring blooming bulbs beneath your selection of fall color.  After burying your tulips, alliums, and crocus, plant your pansies and mums atop them. From there you’ll have fall color through the first frost, and then be rewarded with spring color as winter fades. And there’s no better sight to see after a long and dreary winter than the the bright bursts of spring bulb blooms!

How to Plant Spring Blooming Bulbs

Need a little extra inspiration? Check out just how simple planting bulbs in your garden can be!