Houseplant Care Tips

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Houseplant Guidelines

Most houseplants can be taken care of under these general guidelines. As varieties vary there maybe more specific information needed, but for a person who is just starting these would be general rules to follow.

Winter Months

  • Indoor Plant likes bright indirect light. Direct sun is not beneficial for most plants.
  • Keep plants at least 2 feet away from windows .
  • Keep plants away from heating ducts and where doors are often opened.
  • Allow the soil to dry about 1/3 in between waterings.
  • Do not fertilize in winter months.

Spring and Summer Months

  • If plant is kept inside bright indirect light, southern exposure.
  • If plant is taken outside more shade is necessary, no direct light.
  • Keep the soil moist but not drenched.
  • Continue to water until water runs through the bottom of the pot.
  • Protection from harsh winds is ideal for any houseplant, if on the patio.
  • Keep plants away from air conditioning ducts, if there is no place other than by one, close the duct.
  • Fertilizing should be done during these months. A houseplant fertilizer is best for indoor plants. Follow direction on the fertilizer, as to how much and how often.

Repotting Houseplants

In general repotting should be done every year. Repotting should be done when a plant is brought outside for the summer or taken in for the winter. Only go up 2 sizes larger than the pot it is in at the moment. If the plant is root bound, the roots should be pulled at to ensure outward growth of the roots.

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