Halloween Decorating Themes & Trends

  1. A Fortune of Findings
  2. Ghostly Figures
  3. Season of the Witch
  4. Haunted Houses
  5. Bare Bones
  6. Apothecary
  7. Pumpkin Patch

Halloween has grown to be the second most decorated holiday. Therefore, take a grave approach to help make your home the envy of every trick-or-treater in the neighborhood. With our boo-tique style decor pieces, we have the widest array of unique indoor and outdoor Halloween Decor to make your celebration spookier, scarier and more fun.

With all the fun and festivities – who doesn’t love haunting up their home in October? That’s why we’ve hand-picked our favorite pieces this year to share our favorite Halloween decorating themes and trends.

A Fortune of Findings

Fortune telling is an art steeped in mystery. Whether or not you believe there are those who have a third-eye for the future and beyond – you have to admit it can be fun to play along. Mystify your fellow future seekers with our collection of tarot card, palmistry, magic ball, and other clairvoyant artifacts.

Ghostly Figures

Some say ghosts are real – other’s say they’re just stories. One thing for sure, nothing raises the hair on the back of your neck like a bump in the night. Bring our collection of wandering spirits to rest in your home. Not to be scared – our ghosts are friendly.

Season of the Witch

From stories past down of Salem to popular culture – witches have been a fascination for generations. Their appeal is no surprise – witches represent magic and powerful women. Plus, who wouldn’t want to conjure up a little magic of their own with a point of a finger or a wiggle of their nose?

Haunted Houses

Unexplained noises. Dark & drafty corridors. The very idea of spending the night in a haunted house would give anyone the creeps. Better take the safe approach and just decorate your own home with little haunted mansions instead of living in one.

Bare Bones

Skulls are a worldwide icon. From Day of the Dead traditions, to tattoos, pirate flags, clothing, and an overall warning for: DANGER. While widely used, skulls have their own special place in Halloween decorating. They’re versatile and fascinating – a symbol of grim fate no one can escape.


Bubble bubble toil and trouble. Create your own collection of apothecary jars to contain everything needed for a delightful witch’s brew. Cauldron not included.

Pumpkin Patch

There’s something about those plump-orange gourds that signal Halloween is officially in season. Shop Halloween pumpkin decor pieces you can enjoy year after year. No carving needed!

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