What you Need to Know to Grow: Cannabis Cultivation 101

Cannabis Cultivation marijuana plant close up

The future is now! Growing your own cannabis is now legal in Illinois and more accessible than ever. With a little time and research, you can be growing your own medicinal garden this year. Keep reading to learn some basics on cultivating cannabis in your home and garden.

Growing Cannabis 101

There are some universal basics to consider when growing your own cannabis. Plan ahead:

Alsip Cannabis Cultivation mature marijuana plant close up


No two buds are alike! With the legalization of cannabis, information about plant strains and varieties is easy to access. Do some online searches, visit your local greenhouse, and ask around to learn more about the varieties you want to grow. Different plants may also need different care, so make sure you have space and the supplies for whatever you choose.

Alsip Cannabis Cultivation marijuana plant close up under indoor grow light


Cannabis plants need tons of light during their early days. But it’s important to find the right balance for thriving cannabis plants. Not enough light and your plants will become long and leggy, which is not optimal for the best buds. Too much light and you may scorch your plant. Compare grow light options to find something that best suits your set-up. We recommend an LED option, as research is increasingly showing it to be the superior option. Try the GE Lighting Grow Light Advanced Red Spectrum LED Indoor Fixture or the GE Lighting Grow Light Balanced Spectrum LED Indoor Fixture.

Alsip Cannabis Cultivation marijuana plant soil care

Soil Options

If you are opting to grow in soil, you’ll need to take special care when selecting where your plant will put down its roots. Choose a nutrient-rich soil that drains well. Most experts suggest a mix that features coco coir, which is made from coconut shells. If you’re trying to decide between soils vs. hydroponics, consider that while hydroponic growing is faster, it’s also more difficult. If you’re new to the cannabis-growing world, starting with soil is simple and inexpensive.

For starting out, we suggest the SoHum Living Soils® Cannabis Craves. This easy-to-use soil is perfect for indoor growing and just requires water. It has all the nutrients you’ll need for healthy, thriving cannabis plants. 

Another great option is the Coast Of Maine Stonington Blend Grower’s Mix. This certified organic option contains many of the key nutrients that help cannabis plants live their best lives.

Alsip Cannabis Cultivation marijuana soil with fertilizer close up

Soil Types

As mentioned, different plant varieties will thrive best with different soil. If you’re opting for a soil medium, you may want to consider the following attributes.

  • Texture (loose and light for best drainage) 
  • Nutrients
  • Water-retention (balance between drainage and retention)
  • pH level

Some of the most common soil medium options are:

  • Sandy (well-draining but poor water-retention)
  • Silty (nutrient-dense but not as well-draining)
  • Loamy (top-quality but with a price to match)
Alsip Cannabis Cultivation marijuana leaves close up


Over or under fertilizing cannabis plants can impact the success of your plant. Not enough fertilizer will slow down your plant growth, and it will be more challenging to keep the plant thriving. However, you need to stop fertilization when the cannabis is near flowering time. Too much fertilizer will decrease the production of cannabinoids, the compounds that give the plant its medicinal effects.

Growing your own cannabis is easier than ever. Learn about the different cannabis growing mediums and give it a try. If you’re wondering where to buy cannabis plant supplies in Frankfort, contact or come visit us with any questions. We’d love to help. Happy growing!