Fire Belly Toad Care

Fire Belly Toad Care About
These colorful toads have a toxic coating on their skin. It is their coloring that makes them known to predators as not a good food choice. It is very important that you ALWAYS wash your hands after handling them, and DO NOT handle them if you have cuts or sores on your hands as this may penetrate into your open wound.
Max Size 2 Inches
Life Span 10-15 Years
10 Gallon tank is sufficient. If you have 2, it would be best to get a larger home for them. 2-4 inches of water is needed as they love to swim. Change daily with water that has set out for 24 hours. Plenty of hiding spots are essential to keep stress levels at a minimum.
  • TEMPERATURE: 75-78 ˚F 24/7
  • SUBSTRATE: Moss. Keep it damp, not soaked
Crickets, gut loaded and dusted with calcium powder and small fish.
  • Juveniles: 5-7 Times a week.
  • Adults: 2-3 Times a week..
Water Mist your tank often. They love high humidity levels. It is critical to let the water sit for 24 hours before giving it to your toad. They are extremely sensitive to the chemicals in water. Keep a pitcher of water in a convenient place to refill once you have given them their water. This way water is prepared for the following day.
*As with any pet, it is important that you find a veterinarian that practices in the certified care for your animal. This guide is general in nature and should not be used to diagnose your pet.