Fall Fairy Gardens

Fall Fairy Gardens

Gardener’s Are Getting Extra Creative With Fairy Sized Landscapes

What Is Miniature / Fairy Gardening?

You may have noticed miniature gardens set up around our stores, online, or in a neighbor’s yard. Miniature gardening has recently become the largest trend, partially because it’s a way for gardeners to enjoy their hobby on a small scale. Fairy Gardening can be adapted both indoors and outdoors in any small space including containers, birdbaths and more.

Plants For Fairy Gardens

Irish and Scottish mosses are a nice way to add color as a grassy surface for your fairies to lie on. But you can use an any array of annuals, perennials, houseplants and ground covers. Create different styles of gardens by using varieties of plants you’re drawn to. For example you may want to create your Fairy Garden entirely out of succulents or herbs.

Fairy Garden Accessories

Most of the enjoyment you gain from this trend comes from decorating with a variety of miniature accessories. We carry a line of different stones to line your pathways, tables, chairs, benches, gazebos and arbors. Anything and everything you need to make your perfect Fairy Garden! We follow the seasons with our accessories as well. For instance, as seen in this gallery, we have a large variety of autumn and Halloween themed figurines and accesories in stock.

Next Generation Gardening

Another great aspect of Fairy Gardening is it’s a great way to get the kids interested in gardening. They’re easy to manage, fun to decorate and a wonderful activity for the entire family to enjoy together. Let the kids include their own weather proof action figures, doll house furniture or racecars if they please.

Try It For Yourself!

The possibilities are endless, as with any garden. Just remember it’s all about your creativity so use your imagination and start gardening!


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