Ditch the Roses this Valentine’s Day…


…And Buy A House Plant!

Yes, you heard us correctly, forget the plain old bunch of a dozen roses for Valentine’s Day this year.  Or maybe we should say, don’t get JUST a bunch of cut roses or other flowers. Sure, they look great at first, but how long do they really last? Maybe a couple of weeks if you are good about changing the water, and are very lucky.

Here’s A Great Idea!

Why not  get more “bang for your buck” this year? (Or even spend less of your bucks, because we all know how expensive that dozen roses is.)  Consider giving your loved one a live, potted house plant this Valentine’s season.  Here’s why:

A Potted House Plant Will Last Much Longer.

With a little care and attention daily or even weekly, most house plants can very easily be kept alive for several years even! Again, as we all know, those cut flowers last a mere week or two. (No, guys, that doesn’t mean that a single plant can count as your gift each year that it is still alive.)

Love, Not Toxins, Are In The Air!

By giving a house plant, you are giving the gift of cleaner air. Many house plant varieties have been proven (by NASA, among others) to remove harmful toxins from the air in your home or office such as formaldehyde, benzene, carbon dioxide, and many others.

Living Plants Have Been Proven To Reduce Stress.

Much like having a window with a nice view or even a picture of a tropical island beach, having a plant living in your home or office can help reduce stress levels.  Especially during these cold winter months when many people suffer from “Winter Blues”, a potted plant is a sign of the spring and summer to come and can lift your spirits.

The Satisfaction Of Keeping A Plant Alive.

There’s absolutely nothing to be done to keep your cut flowers living for years to come, but many house plants are fairly low maintenance. There’s a certain satisfaction that comes with keeping a plant alive, you know what we’re talking about.

So how about it? This year say “I love you” or “I like you” or even just “I think you’re cute” with a living potted house plant instead of a handful of dying blossoms.

(We even have some suggestions for you below!) The following gallery holds several great examples of what we carry here at Alsip Home & Nursery. We have a huge selection of tropical and house plants, ranging from the most popular and familiar plants to some of the most exotic and unique.  At Alsip Home & Nursery, we also stock a large selection of decorative pot covers and pots, bows, ribbons, and decorative floral picks to dress up your plant and make it even more special!  Pre-decorated plants are readily available and custom arrangements are a specialty of ours, just ask!