All About Asters

When it comes to fall annual flowers, Asters seem to always be overshadowed by the ever more popular Garden Mum. The Robin to the Batman. Skipper to Barbie. Patrick to Spongebob… you get it. However Asters offer a plethora of garden opportunities that will make you think twice before passing by at the garden center.

We Grow Our Own

Alsip Home grows their own Garden Asters. And just like our Garden Mums we space them out with extra room to expand into beautiful globes of vibrant color. Unlike many box store asters, which tend to grow more upright and uneven since they are grown in compact areas. Simply put, you won’t find Asters in other garden centers that compare to the size and shape of ours!

Surprise Perennials

Asters can be enjoyed year after year like a perennial, if planted in ground with enough time to reseed themselves. However if left out for display, in their grower pot, or planted first in a decorative container with other fall favorites, their return is not guaranteed or covered in our plant policy. However it’s 100% worth a try to see if you receive a pretty, purple surprise come next autumn!

Purple Power

Asters offer vibrant shades of purple, magenta, and soft blue that you just can’t find on the garden mum spectrum. Use asters to add striking hues to your fall containers and flower beds. The color of an aster makes a great companion plant for cabbage and kale due to their purple veins and undertones.

Chilly Companions

Asters are cold bloomers. That’s why they are enjoyed in September and October during the fall season. Asters bloom about the same as mum – which is why they work just as well in their place or in addition to your displays. Asters are another plant that will bloom until frost depending on the weather. The warmer it is outside the faster they will bloom.

Pollinator Perfection

Asters are great at attracting good pollinators! Don’t be surprised to see butterflies and bees visiting their purple blossoms – mums too!

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