Pet Boredom Busters

It is nearing the end of winter in Chicagoland, which means everyone is getting a little bored and stir crazy being cooped up inside- including our pets. You might have…

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Pet Dental Health for Dogs

Dog giving owner kisses.

There is just something special about sweet puppy kisses that’s most people just can’t seem to get enough of. But what if your dog’s breath has taken a turn for…

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Itch & Allergy Relief for Pets

Dog in grass and scratching

Itch & Irritation Relief There are shampoos like Zymox or Clinical Care that can offer some topical relief. They contain hydro-cortisone and lidocaine to relieve itching, scratching and pain due…

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How Dirty is Your Dog??

Enter Our Dirty Dog Contest Below! As we enter a season of snow and cold (or rain on warmer days), our dogs still have to go outdoors for their business.…

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Jones Armadillo Lizard Care

Armadillo Girdled Lizard

About Armadillo Jones Lizards Subtropical lizard often found in South America. They are docile and tolerate handling, the more you handle them the better. This is best with warm hands.…

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Lovebird Care

Love Bird Care

Lovebirds are a small, stocky variety of parrot, generally growing to be 5-7″, with a large beak. They usually live up to 10-12 years, but have been recorded to live…

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Sulcata Tortoise Care

Sulcata tortoises grow rapidly for the first 5-10 years, and then their growth slows with age. They can live more than 70 years. At full maturity, tortoises can exceed 70, 90, even…

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Hermit Crab Care

A hermit crab can live up to an astounding 25 years! They begin about the size of a marble and can grow to be the size of a baseball. Hermit…

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Corn Snake Care

An adult corn snake can grow to be 4-6 feet in length and live, on average,  6-8 years, but in captivity can live to be up to 23 years old.…

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