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Zoo Med, Crusted Gecko Food, 2 oz.


  • Made with Organic Banana, Mango, and Papaya
  • Includes a source of four viable, naturally occurring probiotic microorganisms to help maintain digestive health
  • Contains natural, color-enhancing paprika

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Zoo Med- Crusted Gecko Food, 2 oz.

Carefully formulated by an Animal Nutritionist (M.S.) to meet the dietary requirements of crested geckos of in all life stages. Also great for Day Geckos, Emerald Skinks, Gargoyle Geckos, or any other New Caledonian gecko species. Provide enrichment through variety by rotating through our 3 flavors: Tropical, Watermelon, and Plum (NEW). Can be fed wet or dry, convenient scoop is included!

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