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Simple Solution Pee Post Outdoor Potty Training Aid, 13”


  • Pee Post is a non-toxic pheremone-infused yard stake that prompts your dog’s natural response to urinate
  • Can be used alone as house training aid, or used in conjunction with other dog house training methods
  • Gently hammer the post down in designated outdoor location
  • For best results, keep a dedicaed daily routine until your pet consistently eliminates near the post
  • Contains one post

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Simple Solution- Pee Post Outdoor Potty Training Aid 13”

During the elimination process, pets deposit pheromones on landmarks serving to mark their territory. The Pee Post® uses Mother Nature’s own trigger, pheromones, to prompt your pet’s natural response to eliminate. The Go Here™ pheromones cause pets to eliminate in a desired area, helping maintain your lawn, making clean-up easier and aiding in house training.

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