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More Bird, Bird Health Red Nectar Powder, 8 oz.


  • More Birds Bird Health Red Nectar Powder
  • Concentrated 8 ounces natural red powder makes 40 oz
  • Hummingbird concentrate is easy to blend, mix one part powder with three parts water and stir – no boiling required
  • Hummingbird feeder nectar concentrate does not contain any artificial red dyes or preservatives, healthy hummingbird nectar is naturally dyed with carmine
  • Hummingbird nectar concentrate provides a mess-free feeding experience for birds outdoors
  • 8 oz.

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More Bird- Bird Health Red Nectar Powder

Give your hummingbirds a healthy feeding experience outdoors with this natural red hummingbird concentrate nectar. This hummingbird nectar natural is easy to mix with one part hummingbird powder concentrate and three parts water and then stirred, with no boiling necessary. No artificial dyes or preservatives are used to make the hummingbird concentrate, this hummingbird feed nectar is naturally dyed with carmine and made from sugar that is found in the flowers they feed from, and has added calcium and vitamins for a healthy feeding experience. This non toxic hummingbird food makes about 40 oz of nectar hummingbird food, and comes in a 8 oz package.

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