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Jack’s Petunia Feed, 1.5 LB


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Technical Details: Total Nitrogen 20% 2.1% Nitrate Nitrogen 17.9% Urea Nitrogen Available Phosphate 20% Soluble Po tash 20% Boron 0.02% Copper 0.05% 0.05% Chelated Copper Iron 0.10% 0.10% Chelated Iron Manganese ese 0.05% 0.05% Chelated Manganese Molybdenum 0.0009% Zinc 0.05% 0.05% Chelated Zinc Product

Description: Professional fertilizers made from the finest raw materials. – Dissolves faster and cakes less than other top brands. Chelated formulas for improved performance. Includes a blue color tracer.17-6-6

General Purpose: For maintaining plants. Fast green-up and expansion. Formulated for root and shoot growth. The clever bottom hinged trigger reduces fatigue. The one-click trigger lock and thumb activated flow-control are easy to operate.

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Weight 1.80 lbs
Dimensions 10 × 10 × 10 in

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