Bird B Gone, Solar Bird Repeller


  • Ideal for pigeons, seagulls, and similar sized birds
  • Sweeping motion physically stops birds
  • Up to 5 ft diameter coverage
  • Solar powered motor, rechargeable batteries included
  • Ideal for boats, AC units, patios, pools, swim platforms, furniture, gazebos and more
  • Will not harm birds

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Bird B Gone- Solar Bird Repeller

The Solar Bird Repeller is a portable solar-powered bird deterrent that uses continuous motion to deter large pest birds from landing and perching. Powered by a solar panel, two 2.5-foot telescoping “arms” mounted above the unit spin continuously, protecting up to a 5-foot diameter circle. The spinning movement effectively deters birds from the area. The Solar Bird Repeller is not recommended where birds have been nesting. Includes three AA-size rechargeable batteries.

Additional information

Weight 2 lbs
Dimensions 9 × 7 × 7.5 in