Christmas Tree Stands

Shop Alsip Home & Nursery for Christmas Tree Stands. We carry Christmas Tree Stands for both live and life like Christmas Trees. There are three types of Christmas Tree Stands to consider:

Live tree stands typically have a bowl for the trunk to sit in with four bolts to keep your tree upright and in place. You need to fill the bowl with fresh water to keep your tree hydrated throughout the Christmas season. Make sure your trunk is solid and trim the bottom if needed.

Most life-like trees come with an included stand. If yours is damaged – you can find replacement Christmas Tree Stand in our store. Make note of the size of your tree to make sure you choose a stand that will keep your tree upright.

Or – if you’re interested in displaying your whole tree – pick up one of our rotating Christmas Tree stands. If you want to admire all of your decorating work rotating Christmas Tree Stands slowly spin your tree so you can enjoy the full 360 of our hard holiday work.

It’s very important to purchase a quality tree stand that will last you years to come. You put a lot of work in selecting and decorating your tree for the holidays – make sure you choose one of our sturdy and reliable Christmas Tree Stands from Alsip Home & Nursery this Christmas!

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