Valentine’s Day Gift Plant Guide

With Valentine’s Day just a heartbeat away, it’s time to think about how we’ll spoil our sweethearts this year! While a bouquet of flowers makes a thoughtful, traditional gift, why not treat your special someone to a live plant that can flourish all year? It’s a bit of classic and a bit of something new, and it certainly lasts longer than a bouquet – and isn’t that what your valentine deserves? These popular Valentine’s Day plants are so perfect for the occasion, your significant other will fall in love at first sight.


These winter bloomers are a heartfelt symbol of sincerity and lasting love, and offer a captivating appearance that almost seems like it’s moving. The butterfly wing flowers – available in stunning shades of purple, red, pink, and white – almost appear to flutter up and away from beautiful variegated leaves that will surely stir up the butterflies in your valentine’s belly this year.

To care for your cyclamen, give it plenty of bright, indirect light and humidity from regular misting or a pebble tray. Water only when the soil feels dry to the touch and keep water from resting on the leaves to prevent any decay.


Not only beautiful with captivating white flowers famous for blooming at night, Jasmine has a subtly soft and sweet fragrance that is known for its relaxing capabilities. Not only can it reduce anxiety, but some science has even shown that they could even lead to sleep that is more refreshing and invigorating, too, so you can show your love that you know just how much they value their beauty sleep.

Jasmine will need plenty of direct sun and water when the soil is dry. It also prefers a slightly humid environment to bloom its best.


A classic staple in wedding bouquets, stephanotis – also known as Madagascar jasmine – is a stunning, sweet-scented tropical vine, known for its twining nature. It produces terrific tubular, star-shaped white flowers, perfect for telling your valentine that they’re as precious as a star in the sky.

Care for stephanotis plants can be quite particular, but the end result is more than worth it. They will need to be planted in rich, loamy, and moist soil, and placed somewhere where they will have plenty of bright, indirect sun and something to climb, like a trellis. Water regularly, but only when the soil is dry to the touch and keep them slightly cool in the winter – around 55℉.


Also known as scarlet stars, bromeliads are unmistakable with strappy leaves and bright, neon flowers that explode with color. They come in many brilliant shades, like yellow, pink, and red, and they’re the perfect choice for showing your loved one how much they brighten your life.

To care for your bromeliad, you’ll need to forget the rule of watering the soil and not the foliage. These plants have the unique characteristic of soaking up water and nutrients through pores in their foliage, so you’ll want to direct the flow of water into their trumpets to keep them satisfied. They also need to be kept quite warm or their roots can rot, so they won’t mind basking in the warmth of a window.


Known for its characteristic perfume scent, the gardenia is an excellent choice for anyone with trouble sleeping as the strong chemical released in the fragrance has actually been proven as a powerful sleep aid in many studies. Not only offering total relaxation after a long day, it’s also breathtakingly beautiful with large, white almost rose-like flowers that symbolize love, purity, and refinement, so your sweetheart will know you know they only deserve the best.

To keep this evergreen shrub happy and healthy, you’ll need to provide it with lots of light and high humidity. Spray the plant often, water regularly, and consider placing it near a pebble tray or humidifier for safe keeping.

Heart-Shaped Ivy

Nothing says love more than the heart itself, so bringing an offering with hundreds of them spilling out will is the best way to pour your heart out to your valentine this year. With dozens of varieties to choose from – whether they be colored, variegated, or simple green – the receiver will love the sentiment and the urban jungle aesthetic it will add to their home all year round. However, if your loved one happens to have a precious pet at home, it may be best to look at another option, as ivy can be quite toxic to curious critters.

Ivy looks best when climbing a wall or trailing from a pot, and will appreciate plenty of sun to keep it looking as vibrant as they day you brought it home. It will need ample drainage in the soil to keep the roots from getting waterlogged and light misting every so often to keep the foliage healthy and shiny in the home.


Anthuriums are dramatic houseplants with a bold, heart-shaped flower bract that is the best way to give your heart to your valentine this year. Plus, even when it’s not flowering, the foliage is ornamental in it’s own right, with glossy, dark green leaves, so it will look fantastic no matter whether it’s in bloom or not. All parts of the Anthurium are poisonous, though, so this is a plant better suited to loved ones without pets or young children!

Care for Anthuriums by keeping in a peat moss base, and letting dry between thorough waterings. Fertilize every second month. Pinch off spent foliage and bracts.


Orchids aren’t new in the world of houseplants, but they have become exceptionally popular in the last few years, and for good reason. The elegant plants make stunning accent pieces for loved ones who take pride in creating an inviting space. They are available in an array of vibrant patterns and shades of pink, white, and purple for the love that stands out in a crowded room.

Orchids require some special care, but none of it is very difficult. They thrive in bright, indirect light and, as their roots are exposed, they will need to be watered when they develop a silvery color. They do require regular feeding with orchid fertilizers, but ensure the plant is flushed out well between feedings to avoid burning the roots. They also do need quite a humid environment to thrive, so placing them on top of a homemade pebble tray is always a good idea.


They’re the symbol of love, romance, and passion, and have been a beloved gift for any heartfelt occasion for hundreds of years. But why give a dozen roses that will sit in water for a week or so before perishing, when a rose bush will yield so many more! Rose bushes are a creative alternative to the most famous Valentine’s Day flower.

Roses love sunlight and should be kept in the brightest spot possible during the season. An attractive grow light might be a thoughtful gift to give along with the plant to keep it looking its best. Ensure their soil has excellent drainage and water frequently. Consistent deadheading will keep them blooming and beautiful long after everyone else’s bouquets have perished.

When Valentine’s Day comes, most of us are a little nervous trying to find a perfect something for our partners that is the right parts romantic and thoughtful. Take a spin on a classic this year and give your valentine a gift that keeps thriving all year as a wonderful token of your time together and growing love.

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