Tropical Plants

Find Tropical Plants at Alsip Home & Nursery

Alsip Home & Nursery brings to you flowering Tropical plants from all over Florida and parts of California to make great additions to your deck, patio or even near a bright window indoors. Tropicals are easy to grow with a lot of sun and a fair amount of water. They are by definition tropical and should be treated as a tender annual in our climate zone. Flowering tropical’s need to be sheltered or protected from frost and cannot withstand frost. The typically prefer well draining and sandy soil. They generally like bright direct sunlight, while varieties such as Orchids prefer filtered sun or indirect light.

Flowering Tropical plants, like annuals can be fed every 10-14 days with a liquid fertilizer or once a season with a time release fertilizer such as Osmocote or Dynamite Plant food. Certain flowering tropical plantss can be susceptible to pests and should be treated with a systemic insecticide as a preventative measure. Common pests include Aphids and Mealy bugs and are commonly found on Hibiscus, Gardenia and Mandevilla. The best way to water is to let the soil dry down an inch down from the top then saturate thoroughly until water drains out the bottom of the pot. Keep in mind in the middle of the summer in the hottest times of the year these plants may require being watered up to twice a day. Watch for the signs of leaves drooping and even the flower buds on some of them drooping.

Tropical trees are better off placed into slip-in pots for spring and summer. If desired they can then be repotted when brought in for the winter. Repotting can sometimes cause stress to flowering plants and cause them to shed blooms. While this is less of a concern on Mandevilla and Hibiscus it is more of a concern for Gardenia and Orchids. It’s important to keep plants covered until danger of frost is gone.

AgapanthusAgapanthus – LIly of the Nile

Agapanthus, also known as Lily of the Nile is a tropical flowering bulb that blooms all summer in white, purple and blue. These plants give a nice airy feeling atop grassy foliage. The plants work well in containers, borders and in mass plantings. The blues found in this plant are hard to come by in perennials and regular annuals in this area.

Bird of ParadiseBird of Paradise

Bring a bit of paradise indoors with this plant. An easy to care for, upright, indoor plant that blooms. The flower’s appears to take form of a birds head with colorful feathers. Patience is key for the plant’s bloom, but with plenty of sunlight and a fertilizer high in phosphorous the wait is worth it. Bird of Paradise would appreciate a southern exposure indoors and an eastern exposure when it is safe to put it outdoors. 10” container is the most popular size but sometimes it can be found in a 4” or 6” container as well. Available throughout the year, call for availability.


Alsip Home & Nursery offers bougainvillea on trellises and in a tree form – perfect for patios.  They grow quickly and can make a beautiful, colorful addition to any sunny part of the yard. They come in purple, orange, red, some with green leaves and others with a variegated leaf. This is another plant that works well as a focal point in a planter when staked as a vine. These colorful plants add a great color all summer long and once again a color that is not always easy to find in regular annuals and perennials.

Citrus PlantCitrus Plants

Alsip Home & Nursery carries a handful of citrus plants that come out of California. Many of times the fruit is not ready to be picked until late summer early fall but it sure is worth the wait. We carry lime, lemon, orange and grapefruit. These plants all do best in containers since they need to be brought inside for the winter months.

Keep in mind these plants can be brought inside to be kept year after year. When brought inside they should be treated for insects before being transitioned in and also given a space in the house with as much direct sunlight as well. If this is not possible, a grow-light is the next best thing. Another thing to keep in mind is these plants may also go dormant (loosing all or almost all leaves and flowers) in the winter months if they are not given enough light and heat to thrive. If this is something you do not want to be bothered with these are items Alsip Home & Nursery carries each year.


Euryops or also known as Daisy Plants are loaded with yellow daisy looking flowers that bloom ALL summer long. These plants can be purchased as a patio tree or shrub and work well in any flower bed to give continuous color or in a planter in an area it will be enjoyed all season long. One thing to keep in mind is if these plants are not dead headed they will stop blooming. They continue looking fabulous in the heat of the summer as long as they are watered well on a daily basis if needed.


Looking for that plant you can smile out your kitchen window or when sitting in the back yard? Gardenia is it! Just one bloom on this plant will make a fragrance everyone will love. These plants work best on a patio where the sent can be enjoyed or anywhere the family spends the most time.

These plants require a lot of water and acidic fertilizer. The main variety we carry at Alsip Home & Nursery is Veitchii because it has the largest blooms and one of the best in tree and shrub form.


Alsip Home &Nursery carries three variations of hibiscus plants, a tropical (annual), perennial and shrub (Rose of Sharron) for our climate zone. For more information on our perennial and nursery stock hibiscus please visit the respective sections of our website.

Hibiscus are by far the most popular variety of flowering tropical we offer in 6”-10” pots as well as in tree form in 10”-14” pots. Our hibiscus trees come in straight and braided trunks. Hibiscus trees and shrubs add GREAT color to any landscaping or patio area. We are selective in the vendors we order from and are always bringing in fresh stock.


Mandevilla are known for climbing trellises and virtually anything, they grow quickly and can make a beautiful, colorful addition to any sunny part of the yard. They grow well in containers as well as in the ground. In a container they make a great centerpiece when staked. Large trumpet shaped flowers add great color all summer long!