Top Reasons to Foster a Rescued Animal


We Want YOU to Foster a Rescue!

ATTR, Alsip to the Rescue is now a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization! While we are still partnering with them and their biggest supporter, they are now a separate entity, operating independantly of our stores. To date ATTR has saved the lives of over 1800 dogs and cats! Fostering is such a huge part of our rescue program and process and is much more important than most people believe it to be.

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Foster homes help rescues prepare dogs for their forever home

The hope for a foster home is to get the foster dog ready for it’s forever home. While in your home, the rescue needs you as the foster home to work on training of the dog in basic obedience, potty training, crate training and basic good manners. As the foster home you will provide shelter, love and discipline to the foster dog. ATTR will provide the food, crate and all medical needs of the dog(s).

Some dogs come out of shelters and simply need a safe, clean, loving place to sleep, eat and play. Other dogs come out of the shelters and need extra training or socializing, or work on anxiety issues. As a foster home we ask that you are prepared to work with the foster dog in a clam assertive manner. ATTR will also provide behavioral /training guidance.

The foster program is set up to benefit the dog and help it find it’s forever home. We can provide a marketing platform and venues, but we need you as the foster home to work to find it’s forever home.

Rescues know more about how a dog will act in a home and can assist rescues in determining the best fit for potential adopters.

Some people fear that they would not be able to let the foster dog leave their home and get adopted into another family. It is true it is very hard to say goodbye to your foster dog, but the reward far outweighs this feeling. The happiness a foster home can provide by helping get a dog ready for it’s forever home should be brought to light. Each time you bring a new foster dog into your home you not only strengthen your dog’s social skills but you add new handling skills to your own skill set. Combine this with the joy you bring to not only another family but to the dog to which you have been a part of its process to finding a forever home.

Foster homes provide a less stressful environment for Momma dogs to give birth and nurse their litters.

When a mom gives birth and then nurses in a foster home, the puppies have a better chance to be healthy and only get healthy nutrients from their mom. When moms are stressed, that is passed on to the puppies and will affect their development.

Rescues are reliant on foster homes and volunteers to expand and increase the numbers of dogs rescued each year.

The term “It takes a village” is around for a reason. The more reliable, dedicated, trustworthy, selfless foster homes and volunteers that a rescue can cultivate and then retain will dictate its ability to grow and save more dogs. It is the hope of every rescue to build a community of people pulling together to find, get healthy and then prepare both mentally and physically as many dogs and cats as they can.

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