Top 5 Plants to Repel Summer Insects

Top 5 Plants to Repel Summer Insects

Each summer, after the first few big rainfalls, our local garden centers are inundated with requests for plants that repel mosquitoes. Here are some plants that are rumored to repel these pesky buggers.


1.) Citronella Plant, AKA Scented Geranium

These give off an oily fragrance that has been known to keep mosquitoes at bay. Just ask the many people who buy citronella tiki torches every year.

Citronella Plant. #1 Mosquito repellent plant.

2.) Lemongrass

This herb took off in popularity back in 2013 when the newer at the time social sharing site, Pinterest took the plant viral with its previously less popularized mosquito repelling attributes. Lemongrass can also be used to make delicious tea!


3.) Lemon Balm

This herb is actually from the mint family. So, beware in planting in beds because it is hard to get rid of. We recommend it as an accent in a pot on the patio where you hang out to avoid those annoying bites.


4.) Marigolds

These are actually something that produces colorful blooms but also has insect repelling features. It naturally produces pyrethrum which is the active ingredient in many store bought insect sprays.

P.s.  –  Marigolds are also great at keeping away plenty of other pests like rabbits and deer!


5.) Catnip

Catnip has been found to be extremely effective in repelling insects. It is an easy herb to grow but if you have cats, it will try to rub on and lay in it. I guess the mosquitoes won’t be biting Tiger or Max anytime soon.



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