The Benefit of Trees for Your Home’s Value

The Value of Trees in Home Landscaping
Best Trees for Front Yard Privacy
Best Trees for Backyard Shade

Trees of all sizes and colors are welcome additions to any neighborhood. Their natural beauty is unquestionable, and their profound impact on the environment makes them a good investment for our future, by filtering out toxins and churning out clean air. Speaking of investments, did you know the financial return on planting trees at home is pretty substantial? That’s right— you can actually save a ton of money and increase the value of your home by planting trees. Here’s how:

The Value of Trees in Home Landscaping

Studies show that planting a large tree like a sugar maple or oak can increase your home’s value by as much as 15%. This means a $300,000 home could skyrocket to $345,000— a massive profit if you ever decide to sell. You’re probably wondering, what makes a tree such a valuable addition to a home?

More shade means less need for air-conditioning. Scorching summer days are pretty treacherous without air conditioning, and that can rack up a hefty electric bill. Luckily, summer weather is much more bearable when shady trees help keep your home nice and cool, requiring less air conditioning, and saving you money.

They lower your heating bill too! It might sound too good to be true that trees can save you on both heating and cooling expenses, but it’s a proven fact, especially if your home is a little older. Trees shield your home from cold winds, so when less of that winter air is making its way through the cracks around windows and doors, you don’t need to crank the heat quite as high.

Trees also add a little privacy around your home. We’ve all had that mortifying moment where you sleepily wander past the front window in your housecoat and undies early in the morning, only to end up making awkward eye contact with the neighbor walking past with her dog. Shield your home from prying eyes by adding some lush trees to the yard, and you’ll have a pretty lovely view from your side of things as well.

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Noise is muffled when you’re surrounded by trees. If you live in an area with lots of traffic, loud neighbors, or nearby restaurants and bars open late, trees are a fantastic way to filter out all the commotion. All those layers of branches and leaves actually help to break up sound waves, making them less detectable to the ear.

And of course, a shady yard makes for a lovely spot to relax. Lush canopies of foliage make for a pretty picturesque retreat. Trees are particularly effective at filtering out harmful UV rays, so you can spend more time outside without worrying about sunburn. Grab a book and a beer, kick back and enjoy the scenery.

If you’re considering planting some trees in your yard but aren’t sure which tree will give you what you’re looking for, consider these top picks:    

Best Trees for Front Yard Privacy

Red Maple: Predictably, this eye-catching tree gets its name from the deep crimson shade its leaves turn once summer ends. You certainly won’t mind having this beautiful foliage in full view from your window. We suggest Red Sunset, Autumn Blaze, and October Glory for best color.

Japanese Maple: Another spectacular variety of maple tree with brightly colored foliage that’s well worth displaying in your front yard. If you’re looking for a slightly smaller tree that doesn’t block too much of your home from view, there are dwarf varieties that reach about 8 feet tall. No matter which variety you choose, though, remember to keep it sheltered from certain sun and wind exposures.

Jane Magnolia: This tree is an absolute stunner with its purple-pink blossoms with white insides and dark, glossy leaves. Tough and beautiful, you won’t need to worry about this tree falling prey to winter temperatures and you’ll enjoy its lofty growth—reaching 10-15 ft in height!

Best Trees for Backyard Shade

Sugar Maple: There are so many reasons to love the sugar maple. Its bright emerald leaves transition to the most breathtaking shade of red-orange, and it’s the primary source for our favourite breakfast condiment: maple syrup!

Tulip Poplar: This colossal tree will tower above your home, reaching up to 90 feet, and providing plenty of shade underneath it’s peculiarly shaped leaves. We love the little yellow blossoms it produces!

Burr Oak: The tall and stately appearance of a mature oak is one that simply can’t be beaten, and the burr oak is an exceptional choice for urban areas. Adaptable to many soil and moisture conditions, these trees are expertly suited to growing in any back yard—just make sure it has plenty of space to grow, as they can reach heights of over 70 feet!

Princeton Elm: This tree offers a naturally rounded canopy that sits well above the ground, giving it an all-natural ornamental look that is perfect for shading second-floor windows, while still letting the sun stream in downstairs. You’ll enjoy deep green foliage in the summer, transforming to gold later in the season for a spectacular autumn show.

Trees may take a while to fully mature, but they are well worth the wait considering the incredible benefits and visual splendor they bring along. There’s something so satisfying about planting a tree and knowing it’s going to live for centuries to come.