Rescue Families: Nevaeh



Saturday May 17, 2014, Alsip Home and Nursery was filled with carts filled with plants and pet supplies.  What I thought to be a regular day in the Pet Department was about to change in a matter of a second.

With the turn of a door handle it became the most beautiful heartfelt moment one could ever experience.  As I opened the door to one of the play rooms to explain the adoption process, it was like slow motion as I scanned the room; here was a family of four.  The children (Wyatt & Lilly) were laughing as Dad (Bruce) stood watch.  Then my eyes came to his wife (Korey) who was sitting on the floor cuddling with a small puppy.  Wrapped in her jacket, she had such a glow about her.  Korey looked up to me to say hello and that’s when my eyes fell upon the pink ribbon on her lapel.  We talked about the puppy and the adoption process.  There was so much excitement in the room, Wyatt and Lilly laughing while Korey looked on smiling at her children.  Stepping out of the room with Bruce to process the paperwork we talked a bit.  You could see and feel the pain and emotion in his eyes.  Bruce told me how tough it has been with the doctors and specialist and all the tears that have been shed.

Korey and the children came out of the room to begin looking for supplies for their new puppy.  Running back and forth with items checking with Dad to make sure they got the right things, you could see the fun they were having with Mom out in the aisles.  We all met up and they posed for the most beautiful picture.  Korey shared with me that even though she really didn’t want a puppy messing all over the house—she wanted this for the children.  She told me that Wyatt has really been having a rough time; he worries about her every minute of every day.  While playing she saw a spark in Wyatt’s eyes.  She wanted a happy moment as a family, something they would have to remember and she knew that this puppy was the angel she was praying for.

Talking to Korey a few days later she said, “The last three days since Nevaeh has arrived have been a miracle, I have energy.  I want to get up, I want to do things that I hadn’t for the past 3 months and the kids come home happy not angry or confused.”  In her talks with the children she told them “That God sent Nevaeh down for you, it represents Heaven.  It’s our piece of Heaven.  She will always be here for you.  When Nevaeh cuddles with you, that will be me wrapped around you and when she licks your face that will be me giving you a kiss.”  The new Rescue Culture of Alsip Home and Nursery has brought many more smiles than expected.  It is amazing how it’s not always the pet that is being Rescued.

Lynn Kinne – Alsip to the Rescue, St. John