Refresh Your Planters With These 5 Fabulous Fall Flowers


No need to hang up your trowel and pack away your planter pots just yet—winter is still several months away, and there are plenty of autumn flowering plants to enjoy before the frost sets in. It’s always nice to update our gardens’ color scheme later in the year since the pastels of spring and vibrant neons of summer don’t always jive with the rich, golden tones of fall. If you’d like to make the most of your yard and patio before winter gets in the way of outdoor entertaining, fill some decorative pots with these autumn flowering plants for high-impact color that creates a warm, inviting atmosphere.

The 5 Best Fall Flowers For Pots 

When asked about their favorite part of fall, most folks will say the colors and the scenery. Embrace the natural beauty of the season and fill your yard with some of these classic autumn flowering plants. Here are our top five picks for this fall!



While they’re certainly the most popular and common fall flower types, we never get tired of them, as there are so many different colors and varieties. Some are perennials, and some are annuals, so you can choose accordingly, depending on whether you want to keep them around for the following season. Our mums are grown as annuals to produce the best and most abundant blooms around!

They usually come in shades of yellow, orange, purple, pink, white, or red, and there are even some bi-colored varieties. Personally, we love the deep wine red varieties, as they complement the rich tones of the trees with transitioning leaves. Their blooms last from September until the first major frost of winter, so you can enjoy them from now through Halloween and Thanksgiving. 


This daisy-like blossom is one of the best fall flowers for bees and other pollinators. Usually seen in a stunning, icy shade of amethyst purple, these beauties can also come in pink.

Asters can handle full to partial sun but aren’t too keen on hot temperatures, so if it’s still pretty warm in your area, try to find a shadier place to put your pot of asters. Otherwise, if the mercury has dropped and the weather is more crisp, you should have no trouble growing these plants in full sun. Tall varieties may need to be staked to prevent them from toppling over.



Don’t be fooled by their cute and delicate appearance—pansies are some of the toughest flowers out there, and can last into winter if the weather isn’t especially freezing. They can grow in anything from full sun to full shade, but they do their best in partial sun with some dappled shade. Pansies grow in a mounding habit that spreads, making them a great option for smaller accent containers, or as a filler for mixed arrangements.  


Ornamental Cabbage

Who knew vegetables could be so beautiful? Now, the ornamental variety of cabbage has been cultivated for its looks, not for its flavor, so it isn’t meant to be eaten, but it’s still definitely worth a spot in your garden. You’ll be floored by the vibrant, rich colors of this cruciferous vegetable, with emerald green border leaves that swirl around a contrasting center of pinks and purples. Fall is the best time to plant them, because hot weather will actually stop them from developing those gorgeous magenta tones, while cool weather encourages it. They can grow quite large, so make sure you’ve got plenty of space for them to spread out. 

Ornamental Kale

Ornamental kale is often mixed up with ornamental cabbage, because their colors and spiralling leaves are super similar, but there’s one key difference: cabbage leaves have smooth edges like a giant rose, whereas kale has a more ruffled, jagged appearance like a giant carnation. So, if you love interesting textures and want your garden to have a more feminine, whimsical appeal, kale will fit in perfectly to the mix. Remember to water them consistently and generously—these plants like lots of moisture!    

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Ready to fill up those fall planters with a fresh crop of plants? The sunny golden shades and rich jewel tones will add some opulence and a little drama to the landscape—the perfect backdrop for family portraits! Get all the supplies you need from one of our Alsip locations to get your home ready for all the many dinners and autumn holidays you’ve got coming up.

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