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Tetra, Pond Sludge Reducer with Clear-Zyme Technology, 4 block count, 1 oz.


  • Removes sludge and organic debris
  • Uses beneficial bacteria and enzymes
  • Help improves water quality
  • Ideal for new ponds, spring setups and fall shutdown
  • Comes in easy-dose drop-in blocks
  • 4 blocks
  • 1 oz.

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Tetra Pond Smudge Reducer with Clear -Zyme Technology

Algae and sludge form when a combination of organic debris including fish waste, dirt, leaves, pollen and more settle at the bottom. Tetra Pond Sludge Reducer with Clear-Zyme Technology Water Conditioner contains billions of beneficial bacteria and enzymes that naturally break down this debris, even between rocks and stones where removal is difficult.

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