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Petcrest Donut Dog Bed, Fur Tan


  • Soft faux shag fur keeps your furry friend warm and cozy on cold nights
  • Water-resistant nylon bottom keeps your floors safe in case of an accident
  • Extra filling provides relief from joint and muscle pain
  • Round-shape is paw-sitively purr-fect for pets who like to curl up and snuggle
  • Raised edges are perfect for burrowing, offer additional orthopedic support and serve as a comfortable headrest
  • Orthopedic dog and cat bed is machine washable and dryer-safe for every pet parent’s convenience


The round design creates a protective atmosphere, while the bolstered edge gives additional orthopedic support and serves as a paw-sitively purr-fect headrest. Unique insulation layer radiates warmth from your pet’s own body heat. It’s machine washable, dryer-safe and comes in a soft faux-shag material that will keep your pal warm, cozy and comforted.





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