Himalayan Salt Mortar & Pestle


  • Mortar Measures 4″W x 4″H.
  • Pestle Measures 3.5″L.
  • Capacity is 0.60 of a cup / 5 fluid ounces.

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For centuries, the mortar & pestle has been a favorite tool, perfect for crushing, grinding & mixing spices & pastes. This Himalayan salt mortar & pestle set is a new version of the traditional cooking tool, one which will add subtle salty flavor to your food. By flavoring your food through surface contact, you’ll get a milder flavor than adding ground salt. Salt Cookware also has a naturally low moisture content, which allows it to be heated or chilled from -320 F (-195 Cup to 1473 F (800 C). this set is also a perfect serving vessel. CHILL it & use for salsas, aioli’s, or guac. Or heat it up to serve queso, Caramel dip, or chocolate fondue. DIRECTIONS: If you heat your mortar to serve warm food, heat it gradually. You may heat your mortar by placing it on a grill or stovetop burner over very low heat for about 30 Min, until it reaches about 125F. Please keep in mind that food will acquire saltier flavor with prolonged contact & also as the mortar cools. To chill your mortar, place in the refrigerator or freezer for one hour before use. CARE: Himalayan salt naturally inhibits the development of microbes & requires no cleansers. After use, wash your mortar & pestle under warm water & scrub with a brush or sponge. Do not submerge in water. Dry with a paper towel to remove any excess water & air-dry the mortar & pestle for at least 24 hours before next use. Store in a dry, well-ventilated environment. WARNING: salt tools can be very hot during & immediately following cooking. Use a heat-safe glove when handling. Caution: part of the charm of Himalayan salt tools is the naturally-occurring irregularities & fissures in the surface of the salt, none of which affect its cooking properties. The color & form of each salt tool will change when heated. The tools may develop more surface depressions & will eventually dissolve completely. Proper care of the mortar & pestle will extend their useful life.

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