Himalayan Salt Block Scrubber Brush


  • Keeps your Himalayan Salt Block in prime condition.
  • Top Rack Dishwasher Safe

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Himalayan salt is rich in trace minerals and has a naturally high moisture content, which allows Charcoal Companion’s Himalayan Salt Plate to be heated or chilled to extreme temperatures. Works wonderfully on the grill, on a gas range or even chilled in the refrigerator or freezer for serving and presenting cold foods. Keep your salt plate in prime condition for grilling, cooking and serving with the Salt Block Cleaning Brush. The handheld scrubber has nylon bristles to gently clean the surface of the salt block and a stainless steel blade to remove baked-on food bits or glaze. HOW TO USE: Rinse the salt plate under warm water. Remove from water and scrub areas free of food and fat deposits with brush bristles and scraper. CARE: Dishwasher safe in top shelf CAUTION: Make sure salt block is completely cool and at room temperature before cleaning.

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