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Great Lakes Water Only Soil, 1 Cu. Ft.


Product Details:

  • 1 cu ft
  • DNC Great Lakes Water Only Soil
  • All-natural soil
  • Living soil is water-only
    • Patented blend of worm castings, steer manure, chicken compost and other high-quality ingredients
  • Great for all gardener levels!

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Great Lakes Water Only is an all-natural start-to-finish soil. This living soil is water-only. From seed or clone until harvest, our patented blend of worm castings, steer manure, and chicken compost, along with our incredible list of high-quality amendments creates plant-available food at each stage of development. For novice gardeners Great Lakes Water Only soil works perfectly. Forget mixing chemicals and troubleshooting deficiencies!

Additional information

Weight 15 lbs
Dimensions 16 × 16 × 10 in

Size in Cubic Feet

1 cu. ft.

Soil Specialty

Indoor Growing