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FirstMate, Pacific Ocean Fish, Weight Control


  • Good fit for pancreatitis with Vet approval
  • Single source, novel protein & single source carbohydrate, eliminates the risk of allergies derived from chicken. A great hypoallergenic formula
  • Reduced calorie formula, ideal for seniors, less active dogs, or overweight pups
  • Grain-free recipe for a simple, easily digestible meal that’s ideal for rotation or elimination diets
  • Glucosamine to aid in joint health, added after the cooking process to ensure viability. Omega 3 and 6 fatty acids for healthy skin and coat
  • Made in Canada with the best ingredient quality available


FirstMate- Pacific Ocean Fish Weight Control

FirstMate’s Pacific Ocean Fish weight control is out lowest fat and protein diet, and ideal for dogs with special needs. This limited ingredient diet is great for dogs with allergies and diet restrictions. Fewer ingredients makes this formula easy on digestion.
The chicken fat used in FirstMate Pet Foods is processed free of protein, eliminating the risk of allergies derived from chicken.

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