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Doc & Phoebe Indoor Hunting Feeder for Cats


Product Details:

  • Doc & Phoebe Indoor Hunting Feeder
  • 1 Trainer complete with multiple dispensing holes
  • 3 Feeders each with two dispensing holes
    • Great for any size kibble
    • 1 Scoop to hold 1.6 tablespoons (approx. 1/6th the daily ration of an average 10-pound cat)
  • 3 Feeder Skins
    • Simulates the tactile feel of prey allowing your cat to grab, claw and use its teeth as it would in the hunt
  • Your cat will love this feeder!

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The Indoor Hunting Cat Feeder is a complete bowl replacement for one cat. Instead of filling the bowl twice a day, fill and hide the 3 “mice” morning and night. Your cat will hunt, catch, and play with many small meals day and night, as nature intended. Decreases anxiety, reduces the instance of scarf and barf, ends early wake up calls from a hungry cat, and corrects your litter box woes by hiding these easy and fun feeders. You and your cat will love this feeder! Check out how it works below:

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