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Alsip Chew Crew – Premium Hand-Picked Toys & Treats for Medium and Large Breed Dogs – Monthly Subscription

$29.99 now, and $29.99 on the 1st of each month

Join the Chew Crew for a Monthly Box of Premium Hand-Picked Pet Toys & Treats! Plus: Gain Access to These Exclusive Discounts!

  • Free Shipping on Your Monthly Box
  • Pet Food Consultation (By Request)
  • 10% Off Pet Food Subscriptions
  • 5% Off Single Purchase Pet Food
  • 10% Off Additional Pet Toys & Treats
  • Occasional Bonus Goodies & Free Samples!

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Alsip Chew Crew – Monthly  Toys & Treats for Your Medium to Large Breed Dog

Here’s the deal. We know we’re not your only choice for purchasing pet supplies – far from it. We also understand that life is busy and there’s never enough hours in a day. Making that extra stop to the store when you feel you have a million other things to do can be stressful. That’s why we’ve developed the Chew Crew – a membership designed for pet owners! Receive a premium selection of Toys & Treats from leading brands each and every month for your pet – shipping on your box is FREE! Plus: unlock exclusive discounts on your pet’s favorite food brands. Plus, receive these added incentives – our way of thanking you for choosing to support our local community:

  • Assortment of Premium Hand-Picked Toys & Treats for Medium to Large Dog Breeds
  • Free Shipping on Your Monthly Box
  • Exclusive Access to 10% Off Online Premium Pet Food Subscriptions (Separate Shipping Fees Apply)
  • Exclusive Access to 5% Off Online Single Purchase Dog Food (Separate Shipping Fees Apply)
  • Exclusive Access to 10% Off Additional Dog Treats & Toys (Great when you find something they really like! Or for multi-pet families)
    (Includes Free Shipping if Ordered Prior to Next Months Shipment)
  • On occasion we’ll include Bonus Goodies or Free Samples!

Why Alsip’s Chew Crew & Not the Big Guys?

  • For Northwest Indiana & Chicagoland customers – we’re local! You’ve grown up around our stores and have seen the pride we take in quality and customer service.
  • Not hyper-local? Enjoy our selection and incentives right at your fingertips!
  • Your patronage supports our local community – not huge corporations.
  • We’re pet people. Reach out for a consultation anytime. We want to make sure your pet is receiving optimal nutrition.

*The Alsip Chew Crew Membership Plan is only available to customers in the following states: Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, Ohio, Wisconsin.