Acana – Premium Cat Food Subscription

From: $4.68 / month

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  • Appalachian Ranch
  • Bountiful Catch
  • Homestead Harvest
  • Indoor Entree
  • GrassLands
  • MeadowLands


About Acana

In Mother Nature’s kitchen there are no synthetic supplements, and wildcats derive all of their nutritional needs by consuming whole prey animals. Muscle meat provides protein; liver, kidney, and tripe supply vitamins and minerals; and cartilage and bone deliver calcium and phosphorus.

ACANA WholePrey foods incorporate meat, organs, and cartilage or bone in ratios that mirror Mother Nature, delivering nutrients naturally. So you won’t find long lists of synthetic supplements — only choline, zinc and copper are added.

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Dimensions 10 × 10 × 10 in
Acana - Premium Cat Food Option

12 lb. Appalachian Ranch, 4 lb. MeadowLands, 12 oz. Grasslands, 4 lb. Grasslands, 12 lb. Grasslands, 4 lb. Indoor Entree, 10 lb. Indoor Entree, 4 lb. Bountiful Catch, 10 lb. Bountiful Catch, 4 lb. Homestead Harvest, 10 lb. Homestead Harvest, 4 lb. First Feast