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Acana Appalachian Ranch Cat Food, 12 OZ


  • Wholeprey™ Diet – Meat, Organs, Cartilage
  • NO Plant Protein Concentrates – Loaded with 75% meat ingredients

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ACANA Appalachian Ranch features a rich diversity of meats, tripe, liver, kidney and cartilage that mirror your cat’s evolutionary diet and nourish peak health, without long lists of synthetic supplements and additives.

ACANA Appalachian Ranch is guaranteed to keep your cat healthy, happy and strong.

ACANA Appalachian Ranch features 5 fresh meats in WholePrey™ ratios that include meat, organs and cartilage to supply nutrients naturally and completely.

  • Angus beef – meat, liver, tripe, kidney and cartilage, fresh from Appalachian ranches.
  • Yorkshire pork – meat, liver, tripe, kidney and cartilage, fresh from Kentucky farms.
  • Suffolk lamb – meat, liver, tripe, fresh from Kentucky farms.
  • American bison – meat, fresh from Appalachian ranches.
  • Blue catfish – whole and fresh from Kentucky lakes.

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Grain Free

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Adult, All Life Stages, Kitten, Senior