Pacman Frog Care

Pacman Frog Care About

The Pac-Man frog originates in South America, Tropics. They are commonly known as “Pac Man” frogs because of their fairly round shape and really large mouth, which makes them resemble the popular video game character. They are also called “Horned Frogs” due to the presence of horn-like fleshy knobs on the top of their eyes.
Max Size In diameter about: Female 4.5”, Males 3”
Life Span Up to 10 Years
A 10 gallon glass tank is recommended for 1 adult Pac-man Frog. If you want to have more than one of this species you will need to house them separately.
  • SUBSTRATE: Forest bark and moss will help increase the humidity of your tank.
  • LIGHTING: In order to properly synthesize calcium and other vitamins, a full-spectrum light is required. Also, a basking area must be provided with a heat lamp. Lights should be turned off at night.
  • TEMPERATURE: 80-90°F during the day, a 120°F basking area.
The Pac-Man Frog should be provided with calcium dusted crickets, meal worms and/or wax worms. Occasionally you can feed an adult a small pinkie mouse depending on the size of your Pac-man Frog.
Water  Give clean, fresh water daily and mist often.
Special Notes Always Wash Your Hands Both Before And After Handling Frogs or their Habitat*

*As with any pet, it is important that you find a veterinarian that practices in the certified care for your animal. This guide is general in nature and should not be used to diagnose your pet.