Next Level Pet Rescue

Mama - Lab Mix Rescue PetTwo of Alsip pet department employees took “Alsip to the Rescue “ to a whole new level.

This past week our rescued Lab Mix “Mama” found an awesome new family. For the first time she actually played with another dog, walked outside without cowering, and she even stayed out of her security crate for an entire evening.  We could not be happier for her.

Donnie and Lauren from Alsip Home & Nursery's St. John Adoption Center

Mama unfortunately got startled while playing in her new fenced in yard and bolted passed her new owner. Due to the built up snow she was able to leap the fence and took refuge on a frozen pond near a wooded area. The new owner had no luck in coaxing her back inside so she turned to the local authorities and Alsip Home & Nursery for advice on how to lure her back home.  Two of Alsip’s own adoption center employees, Donnie and Lauren, sprang into action with no questions asked to assist the worried owner.

Sometimes a familiar voice or in this case a familiar green shirt will ease a pet’s anxiety.  After 2 ½ hours of searching and coaxing her in, Mama jumped into Donnie’s arms.  Alsip could not be prouder of these two young adults for going the extra mile to help a rescue. Mama is now safely at home and enjoying her new family.